In My Mind Are All The Tides - SLOrk @ Bing 2022 Composition

My second SLOrk composition, based on Susanna Clarke's Piranesi, is an exploration of spatial sound and social dynamics. Each player is a node on the graph and controls the inflow of sound to their hemispherical speaker, as well as the intensity and quality of that connection.

Go Sporks! - SLOrktastic Chamber Music 2022 Composition

Go Sporks! is simultaneously a quantized physical drum machine, a commentary on competition and cooperation, and a gamified cheerleading simulator. Mainly it was an excuse to make my SLOrk-mates look silly on stage.


A VR experiment that emerged from a desire to build an environment where you could dance like nobody is watching, Galaxial explores the potential for virtual spaces, and their ability to remove your physical presence from the equation, to provide avenues for new, liberating modes of interaction.

Breland's Amazon Music Breakthrough Mural [Reality Recycling Center]

In working to build a visual language for the mural announcing Breland as the latest Amazon Music Breakthrough Artist, we wanted to capture the myriad aesthetics that emerge in Breland's country-trap sound. We utilized a GAN model cross-trained on landscape paintings and cityscape photographs to collage the fantastical backdrop of the final piece.

Deus in Machina

Built with Chunity, ChucK for Unity, Deus in Machina is a multitouch, visual synthesizer engine based on cyclical cellular automata.


Another Chunity project, Beluga is a 2D, graphical sequencer inspired by Hundred Rabbits' Orca project.

Rabbit Ears

Rabbit Ears is a audio visualizer with waveform and spectral functions based on the stylings of CRT televisions.


My final project in my first quarter composing with ChucK consisted of designing and printing an oversized controller for an earlier piece that consisted of a non-linear, single knob control scheme. Many thanks to Marissa Kuczkowski for lending her talents to the final performance.

Baby Boys iPod [Reality Recycling Center]

The first Reality Recycling Center website - a web-based, circuit bent emulation of the iPod video built for Baby Boys.